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fashion cantata 2009
June 15, 2009, 2:14 am
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so last evening, my friend namiko and i finally went to fashion cantata in kyoto, the fashion show i was really looking forward to (see previous post)! as i expected, it was fantastic, and i got this luxurious feeling after i watched the show. oh, i love fashion!!

as i said, the show featured kimono as japanese fashion and dior as western fashion. in the kimono show, kuriyama chiaki appeared as the main model, and in the dior show anne (watanabe ken’s daughter) appeared as the guest model! i already knew they would be on the stage, but i was still a little shocked when they appeared. what strong auras they had! omg. both of them were such stunning beauties!

kuriyama chiaki wore the salmon pink kimono on the right
hata tokio's kaga yuzen
anne wore the purple dress on the second left
dior 2009 fall winter collection

even now, i think i’m still thrilled from the show. haha hopefully i will win the lottery thing again and go to fashion cantata next year too!!


special invitation!
May 29, 2009, 11:26 pm
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omg!!!!! so i won a lottery and got a special invitation to a christian dior fashion show in kyoto!!! why am i so lucky? someone tell me!

special invitation
the show is called fashion cantata, and it’s an exclusive annual show that exhibits collaborations of a designer brand and kimono!

i love fashion, and i thought the concept was interesting, so i just tried the lottery thing and wow, i got the invitation. i’m not really into high-class brands or anything, but it’s a so rare opportunity i’m excited to go!

omg, i need to get a brand-new classy dress and shoes to dress up for the show! i feel like i’m becoming more and more like a character from sex and the city or something. hahaha

the precious island
May 21, 2009, 12:40 am
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this past weekend my friend namiko and i traveled to naoshima, a small island located in the seto inland sea, which flows between the mainland of japan and shikoku. it was my first time going to shikoku so i had this weird feeling of nervousness/excitement, but it was totally a nice little adventure and now i want to go back there again!

naoshima is known for its very unique art museums and modern art pieces scattered across the island. among many art pieces, what i liked the most are the open-air sculptures of dotted yellow and red pumpkins by kusama yayoi. since she is my favorite japanese pop artist/sculptor and i’ve always wanted to see her pumpkins in person, i was glad that i finally saw them! i knew it was such a tourist thing to do, but i couldn’t resist taking pics. hehe
the red pumpkin

i really really liked their museums too. this tiny little museum dedicated to james bond was really cool. at first i wondered, “why james bond?” but apparently a 007 novel “the man with the red tattoo” is set in naoshima partly. they had such rare cool posters all over the place. i think i was in love with sean connery just a little for the moment i was there. haha
the man with the red tattoo museum

another good one was chichu art museum (literally means museum in the earth), which features installations of selected modern aritists collaborating with the island’s nature. there was claude monet’s waterlily pond in their garden! honestly i’m not into impresssionism, but even so, i was excited to see the actual version of the art work. it was so pretty.
garden of claude monet

next time i go there again, i want to go sketching/photo-hunting in the day and look at stars at night. i’m sure it would be nice to stay there for a night and relax. it is one of my absolute favorite places in japan now, so i want to bring another precious person when i go back there one day. :)
the precious yellow pumpkin

it’s a rumic world
May 14, 2009, 12:42 am
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today i went to an exclusive exhibition featuring takahashi rumiko, one of my favorite cartoonists of all time who created the famous urusei yatsura and ranma 1/2!

the exhibition was limited but pretty cool. they had all the original drawings colored with watercolors/colored pencils. i’ve always watched the animes, but the originals were so cute, especially lum from urusei yatsura! i like how her hair is rainbow-colored in manga! she is so magical i’m in love with her all over again. aww.

urusei yatsura

how can takahashi create such interesting stories and characters? she certainly is a very sensational cartoonist in manga history!

this is classic!
May 8, 2009, 8:26 pm
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lately my friend shannie and i are exchanging stuff from america and japan, and she sent me magnetic poetry the other day! AND it is the erotic version!! oh she knows me too well!

i’m one erotic poet!

oh boy

golden sausage . . .

feel like listening to peaches now. haha!

who watched the watchmen?
April 2, 2009, 9:28 pm
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i did. :)

(some people would think i’m so behind, but i live in japan!)

I LOVED IT SO MUCH. since watchmen aren’t as famous in japan as other american superheroes like batman and spiderman, i’d never known about them until the movie came out. but damn, i never thought i would love it so much before i watch the movie!

what i like about watchmen is that they are so human although they are superheroes. for some reason i’ve naturally had the idea that superheroes never get old, never have bf/gf matters, never get married and have children. but of course they do, right? because they are actually human. but i just totally forgot about it because that’s usually not on focus in other heroic movies. so i found it to be very original, and wanted to know more about the relationships between the characters as well as the cause of the incident.

who is your favorite character? my favorite is definitely laurie the silk spectre ii! she is so smoking hot i dream about her everyday (no joke). in my book, catwoman has always been my favorite female character in heroic movies, but laurie could go beyond her. i don’t know what to do now. woah!


seriously i love watchmen so much i want to read the graphic novel now! where (in japan) can i buy it? if you know, let me know! :)

many many many eyes!
March 26, 2009, 10:48 pm
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i saw many eyes last weekend. 88)

so last weekend my friend dan-chan and i went to this world-traveling figure show “many many many mey – dynamite custom show” in osaka. the show was basically about this four-eyed monster figure many mey (literally means many eyes) customized by over 40 artists from all over the world. needless to say, it was a super cool project, and i really liked some of the customs even though i’m not so much of a figure maniac. unfortunately i didn’t take any pics, (i didn’t ask, but i assumed i couldn’t) so for those of you who couldn’t make it to the show, here’s the link to mishka’s blog about the same show in ny. isn’t the freddy custom amazing?

also, i got a limited t-shirt! here’s the front print.
many many many mey
i can’t wait for the summer so i can wear it without my jacket on!

i’m proud of osaka for having pop soda! it’s such a cool toy store!